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New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"

Dear readers and followers, the number 4/2017 of the journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration has just been issued.

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New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"

Dear readers and followers, the number 3/2017 of the journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration has just been issued.

The new issue contains five scientific papers and one book review. The first three papers are devoted to the topic of democratic governance. In that respect A. Henjak writes about institutional trust and democracy satisfaction in Croatia while T. Vukojičić Tomić explains the contemporary approaches and models to minority groups employment in public administration. The block concludes with the paper written by A. Bajo, M. Primorac and D. Runtić which has a focus on public financial management, accountability, and citizens’ trust.

The second session of the paper is devoted to public management and it contains papers written by G. Marčetić and I. Lopižić about the influence of decentralization process on personal capacities strengthening in Croatia and by B. Markušić on the application of outsourcing in the defence sector.

The last paper, written by M. Vlahović i J. Arambašić, is devoted to the topic of public law and it examines the public procurement of legal services in Croatia.

This issue of the journal concludes with the book review Rade Bohinca: Družbena odgovornost (Social Responsibility).

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New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"

Dear readers and followers, the number 2/2017 of the journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration has just been issued.

The new issue contains six scientific papers which deal with three different topics: decentralization and local democracy, administrative theory and public law, In the session devoted to decentralization and local democracy Simona Kukovič presents empirical evidences about local leadersin Slovenia while Josip Jambrač gives and financial analysis of the first fifteen years of functional decentralization in Croatia. In the session devoted to administrative theory,MirnaPuđak explains the contribution of Mary Parker Follett to organizational theory and management while Ivan Lehpamer presents the results of the content analysis on comparative research of public administration in the Croatian scientific journals in 2009-2016 period. In the last session, Ana Pavlovska-Daneva and Elena Davitkovska write on the Macedinian Law on General Administrative Procedure and its incorporation into European administrative standards, while Matija Miloš writes abouts standards for applying the right to be forgotten and the temporality of freedom of expression in Spanish case law. The last part of the journal contain information on the scientific conference Looking Beyondthe Crises: Impact of Mass Migrations on theLocal, Regional, National and EU Governance organized by the Institute of Public Administration and the conclusion reached at the conference. In addition the Interview with Professor Ivan Koprić for the International Institute of Administrative Sciences is being published.

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New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"

Dear readers and followers, the number 1/2017 of the journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration has just been issued.

The new issue contains exclusively scientific papers: three original scientific papers and three review scientific papers, three thereof written in English. The topics of the papers are divided into three categories: administrative modernization, administrative organization and good governance. In the thematic block devoted to administrative modernization Robert Muharremi writes about modernization of Kosovo's healthcare sector. The reform strategy consists of introducing new managerial principles and enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency thereof. Egle Kavoliunaite Ragauskiene writes of lobbyist and its definition in Poland and Lithuania. The paper offers suggestion for other states too. Rudy Chouvel has devoted his paper to external financial auditing of local and regional governments exercised by regional audit institutions in the European Union countries. In the thematic block devoted to administrative organization, Iva Lopižić constructs models of deconcentrated performance of state administration tasks in post-socialist countries. In the last thematic block devoted to good governance, Berislav Mance writes on cooperation between civil society and public administration in public consultations while Gordan Struić and Vjekoslav Bratić present the possibilities of public participation in the legislative process on the example of the Finance and Central Budget Committee of the Croatian Parliament.

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Call is open for the 2017 Croatian Institute of Public Administration research grant

Croatian Institute of Public Administration is a non-profit association of scientists and experts interested in public administration and connecting scientific disciplines. The Institute was established in 1997 and has its headquarters in Zagreb. Its members are active in international scientific community. The Institute has recently decided to award one research grant for young researchers from abroad on a yearly basis, in order to strengthen international scientific and research cooperation and to promote researching Croatian public administration within the broader European scientific community.

The grant aims to support comparative researches within the European Administrative Space, and is intended for young researchers (up to 35 years of age), preferably PhD candidates or post-doctoral fellows from abroad. It amounts to 1.000 euros and covers various expenses connected with research, travel and accommodation in Croatia. It is expected that the researcher will stay in Croatia and cooperate with the Institute’s members for at least one week in the course of 2017. The Institute and the researcher will sign a contract about grant and research.

The deadline for the 2017 call is September, 30th, 2017.

The proposed research must have a clear European comparative dimension.

The research proposal should be of demonstrably excellent quality.

Candidates should work in a European country (Council of Europe members), but are not required to have a European nationality.

The 2016 call is open to young researchers who are presently enrolled in a postdoctoral programme of any kind and who have defended their thesis after January 1st, 2013.

The application should be in English.

A grant application must contain title of research, main idea and hypotheses, theoretical frame and methodology, and a detailed research plan. The research is expected to include a comparison with respective aspects of public administration in at least one country different than Croatia. The research will include collecting empirical data in Croatia. It is expected that the researcher will have submitted at least one scientific paper for publication in the international scholarly journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration by the end of 2017. The last one third of the grant will be paid to researcher after her/his paper is accepted for publication. An applicant has to attach her/his CV (two pages maximum) and a list of publications, presentations at conferences, and other relevant results. Candidates ought to supply the names of two scientists and their emails in support of the nomination. The Institute will contact them directly and there is no need for an applicant to ask them for support letters.

A selection Committee will evaluate the applications and select the Awardee. If applications are assessed as unsuitable, there is no obligation of the Institute to award a grant or to give special explanations.

Please submit your application in the PDF form with all necessary attachments and information electronically via email attachment to

The results will be published on the Institute’s website.

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New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"

Dear readers and followers, the number 4/2016 of the journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration has just been issued.

The papers published in the new issue of the journal deal with decentralization and multi-level governance as well as with administrative modernization. In the section dedicated to decentralization and multi-level governance Carlo Panara explains the role of multi-level governance in the legal system of the European Union. Jill L. Tao writes about decentralization in unitary states, in this case in South Korea and China. Pekka Kettunen writes about local public services, in this case about health services in Finland. The group of authors (Ilona Pálné Kovács, Ákos Bodor, István Finta, Zoltán Grünhut, Péter Kacziba, Gábor Zongor) present the results of their research about decentralization in Hungary. In the section dedicated to administrative modernization, Gordana Žurga writes about quality management in Slovene public administration, Nevia Čičin-Šain presents new possibility for the relationship between tax administration and citizens and Nevena Jerak Muravec, Martina Poljičak Sušec and Doris Jerak write about the harmonization of statistical services and Croatian position within. All the papers are published in English and categorized as scientific papers.

Alongside scientific articles, this issue contains court of the Administrative Court in Rijeka, a number of news and information about relevant conferences and round tables and the actual topic on the event in Croatia in 2015 written by Ivan Koprić and Mihovil Škarica.

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