About the Institute

Institute of Public Administration is a citizens' association founded in 1997 with the purpose of promotion and improvement of public administration in Croatia as well as for creating prerequisites for development of modern administration coherent to european standards and for contribution to development of economy and other parts of community life. In course of performing its activities, Institute is dedicated to enhance the effectiveness of public administration and to pursue more consistency in operationalizing the rule of law. It also promotes scientific and professional training of employees in central state administration, units of local and regional self-government, public institutions and other legal persons with public authorities and it generally tends to bring effect to the improvement of administrative profession and science.

Institute's members and collaborators are eminent specialists in particular administrative areas. They are mostly university professors of various branches, as well as numerous experts-practitioners.

Currently, Institute of Public Administration counts over 200 members, and has at its disposal a base of around 50 scientists and other experts ready to overtake all existing expertise and consultancy work in areas of central state administration, local self-government, administrative law and public administration. It disposes of all types of expertise, originating from administrative, legal, political-science and economic to informatical and technical field.

In performing its activities, Institute endeavours to create an institutional framework for professional and public discourse concerning numerous existing and forthcoming proposals and measures for public administration reform, and it provides assistance in outlining alternative solutions for various important issues.

Institute regularly organizes public forums, conferences and other professional meetings. We would like to give prominence in particular to our publishing activities, which include journal "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration" (formerly Croatian Public Administration), edition "Contemporary Public Administration" and our manuals for professional training.

Institute is situated in Zagreb, Ćirilometodska 4. The President of the Institute is PhD professor Ivan Koprić, full professor on Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb and Dean of Social Sciences Polytechnic of Zagreb.