Editor's Note

Croatia and Comparative Public Administration has been published for seventeen years.

Since it beginnings, the journal has been modernized and adjusted to the needs of modern public administration. Until 2011 the journal has been issued under the name Croatian Public Administration but in 2011 the new name was adopted. Parallel with the new name, three goals were put forward the journal: increase in the number of scientific paper to at least 50% of total text, opening of the journal towards foreign authors and increase in the number of papers published in English, but still conserving the professional component of the journal by published professional articles and court and administrative practice.

In order for these goals to be achieved, the journal has an international Editorial board composed of established scientist in public administration field, as well as scientist from complementary field. The review process is based on a double-blind reviews and at least one of the reviewers comes from institutions outside Croatia. In case the paper deals with country specific question, the reviewer from that county is being selected. The reviewers have to hold at least a PhD title. The journal published exclusively previously unpublished papers and all the authors have to sign a statement of exclusivity, certifying the authorship of the paper and the respect of ethical norms.

Due to the high quality of the review process, the quality of the published papers and other relevant elements the publication of the journal is for a longer time supported by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia and the journal is being indexed in important international bases.

The quality and longevity of the journal is proven by the fact that in the 2011-2016 period more than 6.000 pages have been published with more than 70% of pages containing scientific papers. The percentage of authors coming from institutions outside Croatia has grown to 50% of all the authors and the percentage of papers published in English is now equal to those published in Croatian. The professional component of the journal has been conserved since in the same period more than 250 non-peer-reviewed papers have been published (books reviews, glossaries, court and administrative practice, information from conferences and other public administration events).

Taking into account the results obtained in the last years, CCPA will continue to expand its visibility and the entrance in other relevant data-bases is expected.

I hope all our subscribers and other readers will submit their own papers and other contributions, as well as suggestions, advice, and proposals to the Editorial Board, in order to support the improvement of Journal’s quality. I invite all of you to send your contributions and opinions to our e-mail address urednistvo_hju@yahoo.com.

Professor Ivan Koprić