Since its inception in 1999, Institute of Public Administration has been organizing professional and scientific conferences and workshops, solely or in cooperation with partners. Competent theoreticians and practitioners in the domain of public administration, administrative and public law from both inland and abroad deliver their keynote presentations dealing with a targeted issue. Later-on the participants may pose questions to the keynote speakers and the discussion usually follows thereupon. Thematically, issues of public administration and society, europeanization of public administration and civil service legislation, administrative procedure, administrative dispute and reform of local and regional self-government have been analysed thus far. The purpose of the conferences is to thoroughly and comprehensively discuss the topical issue, to exchange useful information, experiences and best practices, and defining the proposals and measures as to contribute to the qualitative improvement of public administration and administrative law. Since 2009, Institute has made keynote speakers' presentations available for download. Participation on the conferences is open to anyone working in public administration and administrative law or dealing with some aspects thereof in the course of everyday's professional life. Call for papers for upcoming conferences and events will be regularly published on the Institute's website.