New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"


Dear readers and followers, a new issue of the Croatian and Comparative Public Administration (3/2021) has just been published.

New issue of the journal contains six scientific papers, authored by the international and Croatian scholars. O.M. Covarrubias Moreno writes about governance issues in a complex context of volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity and the challenges they present to the coordination among public institutions at the local, regional, national and international level. J. Bečica, R. Vavrek, M. Galecka and K. Smolny present results of their empirical and comparative research on the efficiency of public theaters in Poland and Czech Republic. M. Blotnicki and M. Kulik bring a theoretical overview and a debate on petty offences in Poland as an area between the criminal and administrative law. A. Đanić Čeko extensively analyses and discusses historical development of the appeal as a legal institute within the administrative dispute procedures in Croatia from the 19th to the late 20th century. D. Malik writes about the evolution of international relations in Africa and the changes of power balance before, during and after the crisis caused by the construction of the Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile in Ethiopia. A. Lasica and V. Raos, using interpretation frames as an analytical tool, discuss the issue of the status of Catalonia within Spain and the influence of this question on Spanish political scenery, focusing especially on the content of the pre-election debates in the late 2019 and subsequent results of the parliamentary elections.