New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"


Dear readers and followers, the number 1/2014 of the journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration has just been issued.

The new issue of the journal contains papers dealing with local self-government and relationship between citizens and public administration. The new issue contains nine scientific papers - of which three are original scientific papers, four review scientific papers and two preview scientific reports. Seven papers are published in English and two in English.

The first part of the journal deals with local self-government, containing six papers. Paper written by professo Paweł Swianiewicz is devoted to the topic of europeanization of Polish local politics and policy making, while Marta Lackowska, PhD, analyses Europeanization of Polish Cities. Professor Fred Lazin writes about local government reforms in Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The topic of the paper written by professor Miro Haček and Irena Bačlija, PhD, is administrative capacity in Slovenian municipalities, while Zoran Radman, PhD, deals with the realisation of the right to local self-government in spatial planning. Professor Ivan Koprić devoted his paper to the problems with decentralisation of power in Croatia. The second part of the journal comprises three papers dealing with the topic of citizens and public administration. Igor Vidačak, PhD, and Marina Škrabalo analyse the effects of europeanisation on openness of the public administration in Croatia, Wolfgang Rusch writes about modernisation of the system of administrative procedures in South Eastern Europe, while the topic of the paper written by Iskra Akimovska Maletić, PhD, refers to the human rights and public services.

Alongside the scientific articles, this issue contains one book review, glossary written by Mihovil Škarica, PhD, and court practice by the High administrative court of the Republic of Croatia, Administrative courts in Zagreb, Rijeka and Osijek. The journal also contains a number of news and information about relevant conferences and round tables.