New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"


Dear readers and followers, the number 1/2019 of the journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration has just been issued.

This issue of the journal develops around three topics: administrative theory, local governance and democracy and public policy. The first block, devoted to administrative theory, opens with a reprint of the paper published by one of most distinguished professors of public administration and public policy, Geert Bouckaert, who explains the dissemination of scientific knowledge on reforming public administration. Lisheng Dong explains how the development of public administration in the West has inspired the studies of public administration in China.

In the block devoted to local governance and local democracy, KristofSteyvers presents an overview on doing comparative research on local politics. IztokRakar evaluates the present conditions of Slovenian public administration based on compliance with the European Charter on Local Self-Government. The block concludes with a paper written by MarizaMenger who explains local self-government reorganisation in Croatia through the lens of garbage can model of decision-making.

The last paper written by Diego Sanjuro and KarloKožina is devoted to the analysis and results of Croatian disarmament strategies in the XX century.