New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"


Dear readers and followers, the number 2/2019 of the journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration has just been issued.

This issue of the journal develops around two topics:local government and democracy, and public law. In the first block, devoted to local government and democracy, five authors (B. Brezovnik, Ž. J. Oplotnik, F. Mlinarič, S. A. Padovnik and M. Finžgar) examine the financing of municipal tasks in Slovenia, using longitudinal data. In the second paper J. Bucaite Vilke and A. Lazauskiene analyse the non-electoral participation in Lithuania using the data from original scientific research. The block concludes with paper from S. Joshi who describes the village of Punsari in India as a case study.

The second block deals with public law. In the first paper J. Podlipnik explains the heirs’ responsibility for the decedent's tax debts in the Republic of Slovenia. S. Novak writes on the procedural rights of persons and entities connected with terrorism when applying sanctions and on confidential data of EU member states. The journal concludes with a paper written by M. Vitez Pandžić who explains the position of the party in the proceedings of obtain construction licence.