New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"


Dear readers,

Number 3/2019 of the international scholarly journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration has just been published.

This issue of the journal deals with migration and integration of migrants and refugees. There are six scientific papers that offer an international perspective of the topic and provide data on both European and non-European countries. Jill Tao from South Korea explains the national-local relations in dealing with immigration governance by using the case study of two Korean cities. Stephen Jones deals with migration policy in Australia, explaining its development from centralized to cooperative approach. Uwe Hunger and Norbert Kersting look into German reaction to the 2015 immigration wave, giving data on reception, distribution, and integration of refugees. Yeseren Elicin from Turkey writes about the role and capacity of the city of Istanbul in managing immigration. Istvan Temesi from Hungary explains the reaction of Hungarian local units to mass migrations. The final paper in this issue is written by Benjamin Sadrić from Croatia, who explains the use of military forces in the protection of borders and prevention of illegal migrations, giving examples from Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia.

We provide open access to all papers at the following web page:

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