New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"

Dear readers and followers, the number 2/2020 of the journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration has just been issued.

This issue deals with three topics: local government and democracy, post-socialist transition and public governance, and public law and public administration. The first paper, written by M. Škarica explores the relationship between counties and local units in Croatia with a special emphasis on Europeanization process and its influence on this relationship. A. Iglesias Alonso and R. Barbeito write about participatory democracy in local government with an emphasis on the use of an online platform in the City of Madrid. M. Princ and D. Kryska examine the tasks of local governments in the field of migration in the Czech Republic and Poland. In the second block devoted to post-socialist transition, R. Istref and A. Hajrullahu write about Kosovo and the antipical europeanization thereof. They also explain the main factors that facilitate the europeanization process and obstacles that are being found. The last block of the journal is devoted to public law and the papers are written in Croatia. J. Padjen presents the basis for further research on democracy within the limits of law, on the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina. K. Sansović writes about the concepts of „direct applicability“ and „direct effect“ regarding regulations and directives.

The journal concludes with a last of reviews that have participated in the review process in the two last years.