New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"

Dear readers and followers, the number 4/2020 of the journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration has just been issued.

This issue deals with three topics: administrative reforms in Slovenia, post-socialist transition and constitutional courts. The journal opens with a first thematic block devoted to administrative reforms in Slovenia which goes in line with a comparative orientation of the journal and offers an insight into the organization of public administration in one neighbourcountry. M. Babšek, N. Tomažević and P. Kovačoffer a contribution on the relationship between administrative reorganization of social work centres and the rule of law. S. Kukovič and G. Justinekshow the modernization trends in Slovenian public administration by analysing which administrative doctrine is dominant in certain period. In the second thematic block, J. Jambrač explain the Croatian path in post-socialist transition, while A. Zahurilo explains the post-socialist development in Ukraine from the perspective of National Security of Ukraine. V. Botrić gives data on corruption perception in three countries. In the last thematic block theoretical and empirical contributions are given on the work of constitutional courts. J. Letnar Černičanalyses the authoritarian dimension of judicial ideology of the Slovenian Constitutional Court by providing a content analysis of Constitutional Court’s decisions in three selected period. In the last scientific paper M. Miloš explains the constitutional review of the clarity of referenda questions.

This issue contains also two book reviews: Edoardo Ongaro: Philosophy and Public Administration: An Introductionte John Halligan: Reforming Public Management and Governance: Impact and Lessons from Anglophone Countries.

We wish you a pleasant read and a happy New Year!